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User Service Agreement

User Registration and Privacy Protection Service Agreement

Recent update date: June 2023

1. Introduction

Welcome to browse or use the JAKA Robotics platform, software and related services!

1. The JAKA Roboticsplatform and software, as well as related services (also referred to as “Services under this Agreement” or “This Service”), refers to any entity that directly or indirectly controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with JAKA RoboticsCo., Ltd. (including JAKA Robotics Co., Ltd. and its affiliated companies, including but not limited to subsidiaries, subsidiaries, and holding companies, collectively referred to as “JAKA”, “JAKA Robotics”, or “us” under this agreement), which is legally owned and operated by JAKA Robotics Co., Ltd. The name includes “JAKA Robotics”,, “JAKA”, and “JAKA ®”, the products and services provided to you by applications, mini programs, official websites (www.jaka. com), and other user oriented application systems and service platforms related to the JAKA.

2. The JAKARobot User Registration and Privacy Protection Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “agreement”) is between you and JAKAyou download, installation, registration, login, access, use (hereinafter generally referred to as “use”) JAKA Robotics platform and software, and obtain JAKA Robotics platform and software related services provide a valid legal agreement. You through the network page click confirm this agreement, not click confirm this agreement and in fact access and use the JAKA Robotics platform and software, or otherwise choose to accept this agreement, namely you have reached an agreement and agree to accept all the agreed content of this agreement (including JAKA to this agreement at any time)

3. In order to better provide services for you, before you use the services provided by JAKA Roboticsplatform or software, you must carefully read and fully understand the terms of this Agreement, especially the provisions concerning privacy protection, user information, exemption or limitation of liability, application of law and dispute resolution.Among them, the exemption or restriction of liability clauses and other important content will be prompted in bold form, you should focus on reading.

4. If you do not agree to this agreement, this will cause JAKA Robotics to be unable to provide you with complete products and services, and you can also choose to stop using it. If you choose to agree or use JAKA Roboticssoftware and related services, you shall be deemed to be deemed to have fully read and understood this Agreement and agree to be bound by this Agreement as a party to this Agreement. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on the contents of this Agreement / or any amendments at any time, you may send them to [marketing @] to contact with JAKA.

2. Service instructions

1. You understand and agree that the specific content of this service will be provided by JAKAaccording to the actual situation, and JAKAwill try its best to provide services to you to ensure the continuity and security of the service. However, JAKA shall not foresee and prevent all risks at any time or at all times, including but not limited to force majeure, network reasons, third-party service defects, third-party websites and other reasons, and other losses and risks.

2. You understand and agree that, for the sake of the overall service operation and platform operation security, the Company shall decide the setting of the service and its scope, modify, interrupt, suspend or terminate part or all of the services under this Agreement according to the specific circumstances.

3. You understand and agree that JAKA Roboticshave the right to adjust the types and forms of services provided by JAKA Roboticsplatform in order to adapt to the changes in the actual situation. If necessary, the company will inform the service adjustment by issuing a public notice on the client application, mini program or official website, but the company will not bear any loss caused to you by the service adjustment.

4. You understand and agree that JAKA Roboticsonly provide related services, in addition to accept the service related equipment (including but not limited to mobile phones, computers, modems and other devices related to access to the Internet) and the required costs (including but not limited to for access to the Internet and pay telephone charges and network fee) shall be borne by you.

3. Privacy Protection

1. In the process of registering your account or using the services under this Agreement, you may be required to provide necessary personal information (including but not limited to your name, telephone number and other necessary information required by laws and regulations), so that the company can provide you with better service and corresponding technical support. The Company will protect your right to browse, modify, delete relevant personal information and withdraw your authorization in accordance with the law. Therefore, if the relevant information you provide is incomplete or does not comply with the provisions of laws and regulations, you may not be able to use the services under this Agreement or be somewhat restricted in the process of use.

2. Personal privacy information refers to the information involving the user’s personal identity or personal privacy, such as the user’s real name, date of birth, ID number, address, mobile phone number, mobile phone device identification number, IP address, the user’s chat records, whereabouts information, etc.

3. Respecting and protecting the privacy of users’ personal privacy information is the consistent principle of the Company. Providing safe, reliable products and use environment, quality and reliable service and information is an important goal ofJAKA. JAKA Roboticswill use encryption technology, anonymous processing and other technical measures matching the JAKA Robotics software and related services and other necessary laws and regulations, to ensure the user personal privacy information security, prevent the user personal privacy information collected in the service leakage, damage or loss. In case of the aforementioned situation or the possibility of the aforementioned situation, the Company will take remedial measures in time according to law.

4. The Company does not disclose the user’s personal privacy information to any third party without the user’s consent. Except for the following specific circumstances:

(1) According to your needs, disclose your designated personal information under the disclosure method that you clearly agree with;

(2) In the case that your personal information must be provided according to the provisions of laws and regulations or the requirements of the competent authorities, we may publicly disclose your personal information according to the type of personal information and the way of disclosure required.;

(3) It is necessary for legal news reporting and supervision by public opinion for the public interest;

(4) Those necessary to protect the life, health and property safety of natural persons in an emergency;

(5) To handle personal information disclosed by individuals or otherwise legally disclosed within a reasonable scope in accordance with the law;

(6) Other circumstances agreed herein or other circumstances stipulated by laws and regulations.

5. The user agrees and promises that JAKA Roboticscan use the user’s personal information in the following matters:

(1) JAKA Robotics shall timely send important notices to users, such as software updates and changes to the terms of this Agreement;

(2) Conduct internal audit, data analysis and research to improve the products and services of JAKA Robotics and communication with users;

(3) In accordance with this Agreement, the user shall disclose his personal information, manage the company, review the user information and take processing measures;

(4) Other matters as stipulated by applicable laws and regulations.

In addition to the above matters, the company will not use the user’s personal privacy information for any other use without the consent of the user. Please note that information, alone or in combination with other information that cannot identify you or directly connect with you is not personal information.

6. Users agree that in order to improve the technology and services of JAKA Roboticsand provide users with better service experience, the company has the right to collect, use or provide users with non-personal privacy information to third parties.

7. In order to provide you with better services, the Services under this Agreement will be updated and changed from time to time, and we will timely amend the Privacy Policy, which constitutes part of the Privacy Policy and have the same effect. If the privacy protection policy is updated, we will issue an updated version in the JAKA Roboticsclient application and miniprogram, and pass through the official website before the updated terms take effect (https: / / announcement or other appropriate ways to remind you of the updated content so that you are abreast of the latest version of the privacy policy.

4. User information collection

When JAKA Robotics provides services, it may collect automated information that you voluntarily provided while using the service and the following information generated during using the function or receiving the service. You understand and agree that if you do not provide relevant information, you may not be able to register as users or be able to enjoy certain services provided by JAKA Robotics, or achieve the results intended by the relevant services.

1. The information you provide to JAKA Robotics

Information submitted when registering your JAKA Robotics account, and / or using the services provided by JAKA Robotics, including but not limited to your phone number, user name information and other information.

2. Information collected during your use of the service

In order to provide and optimize the services you need, JAKA Robotics may collect information about your use of the services, including:

(1) When you use the service of JAKA Robotics platform, JAKA Robotics will automatically receive and record information related to your mobile phone or computer, including but not limited to your IP address, actual location information, type of browser, language used, access date and time and other data; If you use the client software and mini program of  JAKA Robotics, or access the mobile web page to use JAKA Robotics t platform services, JAKA Robotics may read the information related to your location and mobile device, including but not limited to the device model, device identification code, operating system, resolution, telecom operators, etc.

(2) When you use the special services (if any) provided by JAKA Robotics, JAKA Robotics will collect other necessary information according to the requirements of the special service. JAKA Robotics will collect and use information in strict accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations. You should ensure the authenticity of the identity information you fill in or submit, otherwise JAKA Robotics has the right to choose to refuse to provide you with relevant special services.

(3) In addition to the above information, JAKA Robotics may also collect your other information in order to provide services and improve the reasonable needs of service quality, including the information provided by the customer service team contact with V, the questionnaire reply information sent to JAKA Robotics when participating in the questionnaire survey, and the information collected when your interaction with JAKA Robotics partners. At the same time, in order to improve your use of JAKA Robotics platform provides service security, more accurately prevent phishing site fraud and Trojan virus, JAKA Robotics may be by understanding some of your network habits, you commonly used software information means to determine the risk of your account, and may record some JAKA Robotics think risk URL.

In addition to the above information, the company reminds you that when using JAKA Robotics platform, you should not actively provide your personal sensitive information (such as race, religion, political stance, personal health and medical information, sexual orientation, etc.).

5. The purpose and way in which the information is used

You understand and agree that your personal information is collected to provide you with quality and reliable services and to continuously improve the quality and safety of the service, and to the extent required by law,JAKA Robotics may use some or all of the information collected for the following purposes:

1. Provide you with the services you use, and maintain and improve these services.

2. JAKA Roboticsmay communicate with you using the contact information you provide, such as informing you about your account, security updates, product and service information. In order to better provide services for you, please check the relevant information sent byJAKA Robotics in time.

3. JAKA Roboticsmay combine personal information from a service with personal information from other services to further provide you with a more personalized service experience.

4. JAKA Roboticswill not provide, sell, rent, share or trade your personal information to any unrelated third party unless with your prior consent or the third party is entrusted by JAKA Roboticsto provide you alone or jointly with JAKA Robotics. JAKA Robotics will strictly restrict a third party’s obligation to process your personal information, and, after the end of the service, the third party will be prohibited from accessing all this information that it has previously accessed.

6. User Log On

1. You confirm that when you complete the registration procedure or actually use JAKA Roboticsplatform as permitted byJAKA Robotics, you should be the natural person, legal person or other organization with the corresponding civil capacity. When registering, using and managing the account, you should ensure the authenticity of the identity information filled in when registering the account. Please use the true, accurate, legal and valid relevant identification materials and necessary information (including your name, E-mail address, contact number, contact address, etc.) when registering and managing the account. In accordance with the provisions of national laws and regulations, in order to use JAKA Robotics software and some functions of related services, you need to fill in the real identity information. Please complete the real-name authentication in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, and pay attention to update the above relevant information in time. If you submit materials or provide information inaccurate, untrue, irregular, illegal or JAKA Robotics have reason to suspect that wrong, false or illegal information, JAKA Robotics has the right to refuse to provide related services for you, you may not be able to use JAKA Robotics software and related services or in the process of using some function is limited.

2. JAKA Roboticsattaches great importance to the protection of the security of teenagers’ personal information collection and use. JAKA Roboticsrecommends that any minors under the age of 18 participate in online activities with the prior consent of their guardians and under the guidance of their guardians. Young users must abide by the National Convention on Youth Network Civilization. The guardian shall bear all risks arising or accompanying by minors in online activities and the primary responsibility of protecting minors’ online privacy.

3. You understand and agree that if your user account is found to contain indecent text or inappropriate name, JAKA Roboticsplatform reserves the right to cancel your user qualification.

When registering JAKA Robotics software and related services,

(1) Do not register with the real name, brand name, stage name or pseudonym of party and state leaders or other social celebrities; (2) do not register with the name of state institutions or other institutions;

(3) Do not register any uncivilized, unhealthy name, and contain the name of discrimination, insult, obscene words;

(4) Do not register the accounts that are prone to ambiguity, cause misunderstanding of others or otherwise do not comply with the legal provisions;

(5) Please abide by the relevant laws and regulations, and shall not commit any act that infringes on the national interests of the state, damages the legitimate rights and interests of other citizens, or is harmful to social morality and customs.

The user has the obligation to guarantee the security of the account and password. The user shall bear all the responsibility for any loss or damage caused by all the activities of the user using the account and password, and JAKA Robotics shall not bear any responsibility.

4. If the user found account by unauthorized use or any other security problems, should immediately change the account password and properly kept, if necessary, please notify this platform, due to uncontrollable hacking or user custody negligence cause the account is illegal use or cause damage to the user, JAKA Roboticsplatform does not bear any responsibility.

5. You understand and agree that once registered the user account, you agree that JAKA Roboticscan send and inform the corresponding product and service advertising information, promotion and other marketing information, etc. If you do not agree to receive relevant information, you can unsubscribe through customer service or relevant prompts.

7. User behavior

(1) In the process of using JAKA Robotics software and related services, you should consciously abide by the laws and regulations, socialist system, national interests, legitimate rights and interests of citizens, social and public order, moral fashion and information authenticity requirements, otherwise JAKA Robotics has the right to take corresponding measures immediately. You agree and undertake that you will not use the Service for any illegal or improper activities, including but not limited to the following:

1. Publish or otherwise transmit information containing one of the following:

(1) opposing the basic principles established in the Constitution;

(2) endangering state security, divulging state secrets, subverting state power or undermining national unity;

(3) harming the honor and interests of the state;

(4) inciting ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, or undermining ethnic unity;

(5) undermining state religious policies or promoting evil cults and feudal superstitions;

(6) spreading rumors, disturbing social order or undermining social stability;

(7) spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetting crimes;

(8) insulting or slandering others, or infringing upon the lawful rights of others;

(9) containing false, fraudulent, harmful, coercive, infringement of others’ privacy, harassment, infringement, slander, vulgar, obscene, or other morally objectionable content;

(10) containing other contents restricted or prohibited by Chinese laws, regulations, rules, regulations and any norms with legal effect;

(11) contain the content that JAKA Robotics thinks is not suitable for display in JAKA Robotics.

2. Protecting the legitimate rights and interests of others in any way;

3. To personate any other person or institution, or to state or falsely claim to be related to any person or institution;

4. Any content to be published, email or otherwise transmitted (such as internal, exclusive and confidential information known or disclosed by employment and pursuant to a confidentiality contract);

5. Release or otherwise transmit the contents that infringe upon the copyright, patent, trademark, trade secrets or other exclusive rights (hereinafter referred to as “exclusive rights”);

6. Publish, send or otherwise transmit any advertising letter, promotional materials, “spam”, “spam letters”, “chain letters”, “direct sales” or any other form of solicitation materials;

7. To publish, send, or otherwise transmit computer viruses (including but not limited to Trojan horses (trojan horses), worms (words), time bombs, deleted flies (cancelbots) (hereinafter referred to as “viruses”), or any data of any or other computer codes, files or programs;

8. Interference with or disrupt the servers and networks of or connected to the Service, or violate any provisions, procedures, policies or specifications concerning the Service;

9. Tracking, human flesh searching, or otherwise harassing others;

10. To intentionally or unintentionally violate any applicable local or national laws and any rules with legal force;

11. Intercepture, tamper with, collect, store or delete personal information, station mail or other data without lawful authorization, or use such information for any illegal or improper purpose.

(2) You have agreed that JAKA Robotics cannot have immediate and comprehensive control over the user’s use behavior. When you use any content, you agree to judge and bear the risk, without relying on JAKA Robotics. However, JAKA Robotics shall, for its own consideration, have the right to refuse and delete any violation of this Agreement or other inappropriate content. You understand and agree that JAKA Robotics has the right to preserve or disclose if necessary by required or regulations, or in good faith, for the following purposes or if reasonably necessary:

1. Abide by legal procedures;

2. Execution of this Agreement;

3. Protect the rights, property or personal safety of JAKA Robotics, its users and the public;

4. Other circumstances that are deemed necessary within the scope permitted by laws and regulations and byJAKA Robotics.

(3) You have the right to access, correct or delete your personal information, change the scope of your authorization and consent, or withdraw the authorization and cancel the account. If you are unable to access, correct or delete your personal information and cancel the account, or if you think JAKA Robotics in violation of the provisions of the law to collect, use your personal information, you can through our customer service or through other ways provided by this agreement to contact us. In order to ensure security, we may need you to provide appropriate ways to prove your identity and the legitimacy of your request. We will reply to your request in time after receiving your feedback and verifying your identity.

8. Intellectual Property Rights

1. The intellectual property rights of the content provided in JAKA Roboticssoftware and related services (including but not limited to software, technology, programs, web pages, text, pictures, images, audio, video, charts, layout design, electronic documents, etc.) belong to JAKA Robotics, and no authorization is made here.

2. The copyright, patent rights and other intellectual property rights of the software that the company relies on when providing JAKA Roboticssoftware and related services are owned by JAKA Robotics. Except for the license specifically granted to you by JAKA Robotics, this Agreement does not grant you any intellectual property or license of the software and all rights and licenses not explicitly granted are reserved by JAKA Robotics.

3. All design drawings of JAKA Roboticsand other drawings, product and service names include but not limited toJAKA Robotics, “JAKA”, “JAKA ®”,. Any trademark, service mark, trade name, domain name, website name or other significant brand characteristics, such as com “(hereinafter referred to as” logo “), are owned by JAKA Robotics. No unit or individual may use, copy or use it for other purposes without authorization. Without the prior written consent of JAKA Robotics, you shall not display, use or apply for registered trademark, domain name registration of the aforementioned marks in any way, or express or implied right to display, use, or other right to handle such signs. If you use the above trademarks and marks and cause losses to JAKA Robotics or others, you shall bear all legal liabilities.

4. Without the permission of JAKA Robotics, no unit or individual shall copy, disseminate, display, mirrored, upload, download, use, or engage in any other acts that infringe the intellectual property rights of JAKA Robotics. Otherwise, JAKA Roboticswill investigate the relevant legal responsibility according to law.

9. Content Ownership

1. The software and services provided by JAKA Roboticsinclude but not limited to text, software, sound, pictures, videos, charts, etc. (collectively referred to as “such software and service contents”). All such software and services are protected by copyright, trademark, patent, and other property ownership laws. Users can only use the software and service content after obtaining the authorization of JAKA Roboticsor other relevant right holders, and can not use, copy, re-engineering, or create derivative products related to the software and service content without authorization.

2. JAKA Roboticsencourages users to make full use of JAKA Roboticsplatform freely release, upload and share their information, but you understand and promise, you use JAKA Robotics software and related services release upload content (including but not limited to text, pictures, video, audio and other forms of content and its music, sound, lines, visual design and all components) by your original or legally authorized (and including authorization) or the content is located in the public domain and not violate the legitimate rights and interests of any other third parties.

3. Users shall enjoy the copyright and related rights for the legal content created and published on JAKA Robotics. Users are not allowed to upload or publish the content infringing on the intellectual property rights of others throughJAKA Robotics. If the company receives relevant complaints, it will review according to law and have the right to delete these contents.

4. In this Agreement, “Open use area of the Service” means the area available to the general public. Users agree to the user in the service open use area and any other public use area of the content (including photos, graphics or video data and other content), grant JAKA Roboticsglobal, licensing frees and not-exclusive rightto display, spread and promote the specific service purpose of the content, copy, modify, rewrite, adaptation or publication. The right to use JAKA Robotics service shall be valid during the period when the user removes the aforementioned content from the service platform, the right to use the deletion.

5. The User agrees to, worldwide to use, copy, modify, completely delegate, rewrite, adapt, distribute, translate, create derivative works, and / or distribute, perform, display, and / or put into any media and works developed now known and other carriers.

10. Abide by the Law

You agree to comply with all the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China and are fully responsible for any use of the Service by you or a third party through the use of your password and your account. If your behavior violates any provisions of the national laws and regulations, and may constitute a crime, you will be investigated for criminal responsibility, and you will bear all the legal responsibility. At the same time, if the Company has reasonable reason to believe that any of your actions, including, without limitation, any of your remarks and other actions, violates or may violate any provisions of national laws and regulations, the Company may terminate its services to you at any time without any prior notice.

11. Deal with Advertisers

(1) You understand and agree that you may push relevant information, advertising release or brand promotion services to you when using JAKA Robotics software and related services.

(2) If you are not willing to receive relevant advertisements, you have the right to choose “not interested” in the advertisement information, and the push of similar advertisements of the advertisement will be reduced.

(3) If you are not willing to receive JAKA Robotics push notification service, you have the right to close the service in the mobile phone system notification management.

(4) JAKA Robotics in accordance with the law advertising and promotion obligations, you shall judge the advertising or promotion of information authenticity and reliability and responsible for their judgment behavior, you through the service and advertisers in any form of communication or business, or participate in promotional activities, payment of related goods or services and delivery, and any other relevant terms, conditions, guarantee, or statement, completely between you and the advertiser. You shall be liable for any loss or damage of your nature arising from any of the foregoing transactions or the aforementioned advertisers and shall not be liable by the Company.

12. Disclaimer

1. The Internet is an open platform. Users who upload their photos and other personal data to the Internet may be copied, reproduced, modified or used for other illegal purposes by other organizations or individuals. Users must be fully aware of the existence of such risks. Therefore, you understand and agree that you in the process of using JAKA Robotics service of the risk will be completely borne by yourself, and you use JAKA Robotics service of all the consequences caused by  JAKA Roboticsshall be borne by yourself, JAKA Robotics does not bear any responsibility for you.

2. You understand and agree that JAKA Robotics software and related services may be affected or disturbed by various factors, and JAKA Robotics and its affiliates do not guarantee (including but not limited to) that:

(1) JAKA Robotics software and related services must be able to fully meet the user requirements,

(2) JAKA Robotics software and related services will not be disturbed or interrupted, and the timeliness, safety and accuracy of the service will not be wrong. The Company shall not be liable for network service interruption or other defects caused by force majeure or reasons beyond the control of the Company. JAKA Robotics is not responsible for the deletion or storage failure of the information posted by the user.

(3) Any errors in JAKA Robotics software and related services will be corrected.

3. The Company has the right to judge whether the user’s behavior is in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. If the Company considers that the user has violated the provisions of this Agreement, the Company has the right to terminate the services provided to it. The right of the Company to deal with the illegal contents obtained in accordance with this Agreement does not constitute the obligation or commitment of the Company, and the Company cannot guarantee the timely discovery of illegal acts or deal with them accordingly.

 4. You understand and agree that the company will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, derivative or punitive damages to you, including but not limited to economic, goodwill, use, data, or other tangible or intangible damages:

(1) The platform service of JAKA Robotics is not due to JAKA Robotics;

(2) A third party uses your account number or changes your data without approval;

(3) Expenses and losses arising from purchasing or obtaining any goods, samples, data, information and other behaviors or alternative behaviors through JAKA Robotics platform service;

4) Loss related to platform services caused by your misunderstanding of JAKA Robotics platform service;

5) Any other loss related to the platform service not caused by JAKA Robotics.

5. You understand and agree that in the use of JAKA Robotics software and related services, may encounter force majeure factors (such as force majeure refers to the unforeseeable, insurmountable and unavoidable objective events), including but not limited to: information network normal equipment maintenance, information network connection failure, computer, communication or other system failure, power failure, strikes, riots, labor disputes, riots, riots, productivity or production, fire, flood, storm, explosion, war, war, government behavior, judicial administrative orders or the third party inaction, etc. In case of force majeure, the Company will try to repair the damage in time, but the suspension, suspension, delay, termination of service caused by force majeure shall be exempted from any loss within the scope permitted by laws and regulations.

 6. Under any circumstances, you shall strictly abide by this Agreement and other agreements, activity rules and announcements on the website issued by the JAKA Robotics, etc. You shall be fully liable for the losses caused to a third party or JAKA Robotics by your violation of the agreement or rules.

 7. In no case, shall the Company be liable for any indirect, consequential, punitive, accidental, incidental, special or penal damage (including but not limited to the loss of profits caused by your use of JAKA Robotics software and related services). Unless otherwise clearly stipulated by laws and regulations, the full responsibility of JAKA Robotics to you, regardless of the reason or the behavior, shall not exceed the cost you pay to JAKA Robotics (if any) during the use of JAKA Robotics software and related services.

13. Supplementary Provisions

1. The conclusion, entry into force, execution, interpretation and dispute settlement of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China. If any provision of this Agreement is completely or partially invalid or inconsistent with the laws of the People’s Republic of China, these provisions shall be reinterpreted and applied according to the principle of the purpose of the original provisions of this Agreement, and the other provisions of this Agreement shall still have full effect and effect.

2. The signing of this Agreement is Minhang District, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China. For any dispute over the content of this Agreement or its execution, you shall try to negotiate through friendly negotiation, either party may file a lawsuit with the People’s Court of Minhang District, Shanghai.

3. The failure to exercise or enforce any rights or provisions of this Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of such rights.

4. The final interpretation right of all terms of this Agreement belongs to JAKA Robotics.