Collaborative robots of JAKA Robotics now compatible with Siemens PLCs

JAKA Robotics, a high-tech manufacturer of collaborative robots, has seamlessly integrated the SRCI (Standard Robot Command Interface) into its software, making its robots programmable with the Profinet protocol.

As of now, all collaborative robots of JAKA Robotics can effortlessly connect with Siemens Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), allowing companies to easily set up the robots via Siemens TIA Portal. This noticeably simplifies the integration of JAKA cobots for customers using Siemens PLCs as well as the operation with other motion-controlled devices.

Siemens is the first PLC-Vendor supporting SRCI. The integration of SRCI not only provides a user-friendly way to implement cobots quickly and easily, but also standardises definitions and robot commands. Users benefit from a single engineering environment for robots and standardised operation of robots from different manufacturers. This helps companies to save engineering costs and ensures future-proof scalability and compatibility in different manufacturing landscapes.

“Our dedication to simplifying automation for our customers remains unwavering,” states Wolfgang Lienke, Head of JAKA Europe. “With the SRCI integration, we empower businesses to accelerate their automation journey, enabling faster setup, smoother deployment, and unparalleled ease of use.”

Rolf Heinsohn, Senior Vice President, Factory Automation Segment Control at Siemens: “We are happy to welcome JAKA to the SRCI ecosystem and excited to offer to our customers the option to program JAKA cobots with the SIMATIC Robot Library.”

By teaming up with Siemens, a key player in the industrial automation sector, and implementing SRCI as a standard Profinet protocol, JAKA Robotics not only strengthens its position as an innovative force in the robotics industry but also makes their cobots accessible for a wider range of customers.

Download the documentation and software here.