JAKA MiniCobo Education Kits

Robotics education is changing for the better. The days of asking students to spend endless hours with heads buried in textbooks, and with limited practical application, are coming to an end. This is in large part because industry-leading robots are reaching a level of accessibility, both in terms of affordability and useability, never before seen.

Collaborative robots (cobots for short) are leading the charge here. They offer the opportunity for classrooms to include scaled-down versions of industrial robots, with all their functionality, via safe, adaptable devices.

Right out of the box, students can practice simulations of real-life scenarios, through the tactile programming options available. As they look to create their own simulations and scenarios, they’ll discover the real-world joy of more complex programming.

jaka minicobo education robot

Aware that cobots operate in different environments according to different needs, we’ve come up with three distinct robotic kits that cover a wide array of cases that robotics parofessionals face in the real world.

They each offer both entry-level capabilities, and advanced functionality, such that the same piece of equipment can be used across multiple age groups and experience levels.

Kit #1: Basic Cobot Teaching Platform

jaka minicobo robot for classroom

For a fun but also rich demonstration of robotics theory, machine vision, smart manufacturing, or general robotics operations, this kit is ideal.

It combines two powerful elements: first, a low barrier of entry, meaning that beginners can start programming operations with ease; and second, a high level of customizability, thanks to integration with professional programming languages, meaning that operations can constantly be made more complex and streamlined.

While the cobot is ready to use straight out of the box, programmable using any smart device such as a tablet or phone through the JAKA APP, it can also be enhanced with additional gear.

What’s included:

MiniCobo cobot arm module

✅ Operating platform

✅ Vacuum gripper

✅ Vision module (optional)

✅ Computer (optional)

✅ Desk (optional)

jaka minicobo basic robotic kit for education
applications by jaka minicobo education cobot

What can be done with Kit #1?

Imagination is the only limitation to the number of things that the basic cobot teaching platform can do.

As a core set of things that can be done, here are a few of our favourites:


✅ Primary robotics understanding

✅ Robot system settings

✅ IO communication

✅ Vision systems comprehension

✅ Vision systems communication


✅ Parts sorting

✅ Basic case study replication

About optionals for the kit 1

 These optional extras open up a whole new gamut of possible applications, and comprise exactly the same pieces of equipment that JAKA equips professional facilities with.

2d vision module for cobot
👀 2D vision module

To give students the ability to add the following processes to their robot operations:

color recognition

bar code reading

optical character recognition (OCR)




image processing

👀3D vision module

Classrooms can now make use of this technology in robotics education, traversing the engineering planes of

3D calibration


volume measurement

and an array of binocular features.

3d vision module for cobot

Download full JAKA MiniCobo Guide

To see al technical features in one place
jaka minicobo education cobot pdf

Kit #2: Hybrid Cobot Development Platform

hybrid jaka cobot education platform

The Hybrid Cobot Development Platform gives the JAKA MiniCobo the gift of mobility, integrating it with an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV). This amazing kit is capable of simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), automatic navigation and obstacle avoidance, keeping students and classrooms safe and fun.

With JAKA Lens 2D it can complete tasks such as visual grasping, vision-based motion planning, and dynamic material handling – the cobot arm can be processing or handling something while the AGV is on the move!

It is an excellent educational and scientific research tool in the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence and smart manufacturing. Supporting C, C++, C#, Python and ROS, it acts as a gateway to robotics, AI, and smart manufacturing.

Just one caveat: its laser-mapping capabilities don’t make for easy bedfellows with environments comprised of all-black walls, so plan Halloween decorations carefully.

What’s included:

✅ MiniCobo cobot arm module

✅ AGV module

✅ JAKA Lens 2D (optional)

✅ Vacuum gripper (optional)

jaka minicobo education obot with agv
agv jaka cobot education kit

What can be done with Kit #2?

Short answer – a lot! Here are a few examples.

✅ ROS environment development

✅ ROS message publishing and receiving

✅ ROS service request and response

✅ Vision system and communication

✅ Collaborative robot cognition

✅ Basic cobot commands and position points

✅ Hand-eye calibration

✅ Robot movement control

✅ LiDAR use and position calibration

Optional additions

The vacuum gripper and vision modules take an already great kit and make it better.

vaccuum gripper for jaka teaching cobot
Vacuum gripper

Unlike many vacuum grippers, the JAKA VAC doesn’t need a dedicated air source to operate it.

It is a self-contained unit that only requires a power supply, and is fitted to the end of the cobot arm, connecting through an IO port.

With simple programming, it can pick up a variety of different objects.

Vision module

The vision module consists of the JAKA Lens 2D camera, lenses and a light source.

It can either be fixed externally or mounted at the end of the cobot arm.

jaka ens 2d for education minicobo cobot

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Kit #3: Vision System Development Platform

education cobot with visual system

While the other kits include the vision module or vacuum gripper as optional, this kit is specifically designed to give high school robotics students and others a deep understanding of how these elements work together from the start.

By dedicating a whole kit to this setup, we’ve concentrated the most valuable lessons on how vision can be used in robotics, providing a large selection of real-world scenarios for students to try out.

What’s included:

✅ MiniCobo cobot arm module

✅ Vision module (optional)

✅ Vacuum gripper (optional)

jaka minicobo education robot visual kit
minicobo education cobot by jaka

What type of projects is Kit #3 best suited for?

Like the other MiniCobo education kits, Kit #3 is adaptable according to user needs, and the desired learning outcomes of any given course.

As a basic we’ve included and recommend exploring the following:

✅ Safety operation procedures

✅ Use and control of teaching device

✅ Basic commands and position points

✅ IO point operations

✅ Bottle cap positioning and sorting

✅ Parts assembly

✅ Fixture design and adaptation

✅ Robot systems integration

✅ Vision systems comprehension

✅ Vision systems communication

✅ Industrial camera connection and calibration

✅ Edge contour extraction

✅ Bar code and QR code scanning

✅ LED lamp color selection

✅ Dimensions measurement of mechanical parts

✅ Hand-eye calibration

Why is Kit #3 special?

Included with Kit #3 is a suite of tailored teaching software, and visual development software, that ensures smooth interaction between teachers, students, and the robot arm.

The software allows for both simple and complex functionality.

teaching jaka app
Teaching using an APP

The JAKA APP – used for graphical programming – can be installed on any smart device.

This alleviates the need to buy additional equipment, as existing classroom tech can be used with the Minicobo education kits.

Vision programming software
The vision programming software is highly adaptable. As a foundation, it includes :
image processing
motion control
external communication tools
including calibration
and other functions.
It also provides an API and supports secondary development.

With the 2D camera software tools, students can experiment with object and position detection, color/position judgement, positioning, size measurement, ID recognition, character recognition, defect detection and more.

visual software for jaka cobot

The MiniCobo education packages represent a true a step forward in robotics education. By placing the power of industrial robotics in the hands of students, they enable the engineers of the future to achieve levels of understanding that were previously only attainable in tertiary or post-university education.

By providing a low barrier for entry, and high level of potential complexity, they give beginners the chance to become pros, all in within the realm of the classroom.