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Collaborative Robots for 3C Electronics Industry

jaka cobots 3c electronics

The production of computer, communication and consumer (3C) electronics requires the completion of repetitive, highly accurate and precise tasks.

While in the past it was only feasible for many of these tasks to be performed by manual labor, JAKA collaborative robots now offer the flexibility and accuracy needed to have them automated.

Besides assembly, JAKA cobots are perfect for testing, loading and unloading, PCB detection, PCB welding, dispensing, packaging, pick and place and more.

  • With a wireless connection and drag teaching, JAKA cobots can be flexibly integrated into production lines with ease.
  • Our flexible and compact robotic arms can be installed at any angle – vertically, horizontally, at 45 degrees or anything in between.
  • Thanks to collision detection, no safety fences are required, allowing them to operate among humans effectively.
jaka cobot arms for 3c electronics

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Recommended Cobots For 3C Electronics Industry

Why Use JAKA Cobots in 3C Electronics Manufacturing

JAKA Zu 3 I PCB Detection Application
Greater Productivity

Cobots have an incredibly high level of dexterity capability. This allows them to handle some of the smallest and most delicate materials, maintaining given speed and consistency.

Greater Flexibility

While capable of handling high payloads, cobots are nevertheless compact, so can easily be installed anywhere, saving valuable space on 3C electronics production lines.

Greater ROI

The payback period for JAKA cobots is usually only around one year. Being able to produce round the clock with no mistakes made, the return is constant for years to come.

Automate Your 3C Factory Now

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See The Most Popular Applications for 3C Electronics Production

machine tending cobots


JAKA cobots can be set up in one, two and three-pallet configurations, and are capable of palletizing up to 50 picks per minute, even at high payloads. See more>>

loading and unloading cobots

Loading and Unloading

JAKA cobots are primed for repetitive loading and unloading tasks. They easily adapt to any machine, and any materials that need to be processed. See more>>


With a high level of repeatability and fast, precise movement, screw driving can be completed with precision and speed. See more>>

assembly cobots


The flexible 6-axes design, and huge catalogue of end effectors, allow for even complex packaging tasks to be performed, without the need for custom machinery. See more>>

packaging jaka cobot

Other Applications Our Collaborative Robots Can Do

Automate Repetitive Tasks With JAKA

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