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JAKA Lens 2D

JAKA Lens 2D integrated camera adopts 2D high-resolution industrial camera and is equipped with a special light source module and optional camera lens to provide users with comprehensive functions and experience of 2D vision.

After the professional industrial design, it is small and lightweight and has a delicate appearance. It can realize 2D vision function by the external fixed installation or by installing it at the end of the robot

JAKA Lens 2D Parameters

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More About JAKA Lens 2D

Integrated design

Fixed or mounted at the end of the cobot, a 2D camera integrates three major modules of camera, lens, and light source. A robot control cabinet integrates a vision system and access it through a web.

Easy operation

The control cabinet is embedded with intelligent vision algorithms, process-guided project editing, one-button automatic hand-eye calibration, and flexible communication interfaces to adapt to the robot body.


Supports hardware parameter selection of multiple models, supports third-party brand camera extensions, supports custom external light sources, and is suitable for as many application scenarios as possible.

Let your cobot see, what human eyes can't see!

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All right, we got you!

Probably you are not only looking for a camera that can be a cobot’s eyes, but also for the robotic arm itself.

Here at JAKA we care about manufacturers’ needs, hence we designed a cobot series with an integrated camera. Moreover, it has a very small control cabinet that allows it to pair with AGV for dynamic inspection, distance measurement or monitoring.

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JAKA Ai 12

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JAKA Ai 18

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