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JAKA Zu 5 collaborative robot

Designed to automate your factory

5 kg


954 mm

Working radius

±0.02 mm


About JAKA Zu 5

  • With a 5kg payload and a working radius of 954mm, the Jaka Zu 5 cobot is perfectly suited for repetitive operations such as picking and placing, welding, assembly and more.
  • Its features are specifically optimized for use in 3C electronics, automotive and other industries that demand high levels of precision.
  • The visual and collision protection systems of the JAKA Zu 5 ensure its ability to function in harsh and unpredictable environments, eliminating the need for a safety fence.
  • Its compact size and flexible mounting options facilitate easy placement at any angle – vertically, horizontally, on a slope or even upside down on the ceiling.

JAKA Zu 5 parameters

The many features of the Jaka Zu 5 cobot

Innovative breakthroughs, from drag programming to wireless connections, have continuously led the trend in robotics development.

Graphic Programming

Graphic Programming

Operators without any prior programming experience can easily teach JAKA cobots. The intuitive software is all that’s needed.

Drag Teaching

Drag Teaching

The drag teaching, facilitated by 6 axis-points, enables the cobot to memorize and repeat positions immediately.

Plug and Play

In just five minutes, you can install the lightweight, compact JAKA Zu 5. Whether on a horizontal surface, at an angle, vertically or even inverted, the JAKA Zu 5 can be easily mounted and is instantly ready to operate.

Wireless Connection

Wireless Connection

With the JAKA app available on tablets, PCs and mobile devices, using the JAKA Zu 5 offers a truly wireless experience. No more need for a teaching pendant.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Regardless of the operator’s location, they can have complete control over the JAKA Zu 5. Programming tasks and subsequent monitoring can be carried out via the internet.

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Best applications for JAKA Zu 5

The Jaka Zu 5 can handle 50,000 hours of continuous operation, whether it’s palletizing, gluing, assembling or any other task it’s designed to complete.

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