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JAKA Zu 20 collaborative robot

20 kg


1780 mm

Working radius

±0.05 mm


About JAKA Zu 20

  • JAKA Zu 20 is our new collaborative robot, designed for tasks that require heavier payload and extended reach.
  • This cutting-edge robot builds upon the renowned qualities of the JAKA Zu series, offering simplicity,
  • safety, reliability, and precision.  With an impressive reach of 1780 mm and a payload capacity of 20 kg,it excels in heavy-duty and large-capacity applications.  The IP65 protection adds an extra layer of reliability and resilience, ensuring the Zu 20 is also suitable for industrial environments where dust, dirt and water are present.
  • From machine tending to material handling, welding to dispensing, palletizing to packaging, the JAKA Zu 20 is your ultimate partner for diverse industrial needs.

JAKA Zu 20 parameters

The many features of the Jaka Zu 20

Innovative breakthroughs from drag programming to wireless connection continuously led the trend of robotics development.

Graphic Programming

Graphic Programming

The cobot’s intuitive interface for programming ensures that anyone, regardless of their expertise level, can get the job done.

Drag Teaching

Drag Teaching

Simply drag the cobot to any required position straight out of the box. Its 6-axis design enables it to memorize the designated position with high precision.

Plug and Play

JAKA Zu 20 can be installed at any angle, without losing its functionality. After an easy installation, it is ready to go immediately.

Wireless Connection

Wireless Connection

The wireless functionality of the JAKA Zu 20 sets it apart from so many cobots. No more teaching pendants! Just a phone, tablet or PC.

No Teach Pendant

No Teach Pendant

JAKA APP is available on tablet PCs, mobile phones, PCs, enabling interaction with JAKA Cobots. 

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Operators can be right beside the Zu 20 or on the other side of the planet, creating and monitoring tasks effortlessly over the internet.

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Best applications for JAKA Zu 20

The manifold applications of the JAKA Zu 20 include machine tending, welding, palletizing, picking .

Automate repetitive tasks with JAKA

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