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JAKA Zu 18 collaborative robot

18 kg


1073 mm

Working radius

±0.03 mm


About JAKA Zu 18

  • The JAKA Zu 18 has the largest payload of 18 kg within the JAKA Zu range. Additionally, it has a significant working radius of 1073 mm.
  • Its capabilities range from standard heavy-lifting tasks to delicate and precise operations, leveraging its 6-axis configuration to achieve an outstanding repeatability of ±0.03 mm.
  • Despite its large payload, the Zu 18 is incredibly safe. Equipped with visual and torque-feedback collision protection systems, it operates seamlessly in any environment without the need for a safety fence.
  • JAKA Zu 18 is perfect for use in diverse tasks such as packaging, palletizing, welding, testing, screw tightening, mold injection, bonding and more.
  • Its utility spans across various industries, including the production or testing of medical devices, metal processing, chemical manufacturing, standard manufacturing and warehousing.

JAKA Zu 18 parameters

The many features of the Jaka Zu 18 cobot

Innovative breakthroughs from drag programming to wireless connection continuously led the trend of robotics development.

Graphic Programming

Graphic Programming

The JAKA Zu 18 offers graphic programming capabilities, allowing both experienced and inexperienced users to program and adjust tasks easily.

Drag Teaching

Drag Teaching

Utilize the 6 axes of the JAKA Zu 18 to effortlessly drag it to any desired position, enabling accurate memorization of movement and placement.

Plug and Play

Set up the JAKA Zu 18 in any facility in just a matter of minutes. Its built-in systems ensure readiness regardless of its mounting position – whether vertical, horizontal or otherwise.

Wireless Connection

Wireless Connection

The era of teaching pendants is over with the JAKA Zu 18. Its wireless connectivity and intuitive in-app user experience provide unparalleled flexibility.

No Teach Pendant

No Teach Pendant

The JAKA APP is accessible on tablet PCs, mobile phones, and PCs, providing a platform to interact with JAKA Cobots.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

The JAKA Zu 18 is completely connected, allowing programming from any location. Operators can set, monitor tasks, and receive alerts over the internet.

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Best applications for JAKA Zu 18

There’s virtually no limit to the number of applications the JAKA Zu 18 can handle. It excels at machine tending and precision work with heavy objects.

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