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JAKA Zu S collaborative robots

Introducing the JAKA Zu S cobots: featuring advanced perception, natural human-robot interaction, and assured safety with an integrated force sensor.

Force Sensor

Drag Teaching

Force Control

JAKA Zu S cobot family

Compact and lightweight, the JAKA Zu S series embodies numerous innovations emphasizing safety and precision. Each unit is equipped with an industrial force sensor, which can be positioned either at the base or the end of the cobot arm. Complemented by a force control algorithm, this sensor offers several advantages

Primarily, it enables three distinct control modes: constant force, normal tracking, and speed mode. Additionally, it grants the cobot the ability to ‘sense’ its surroundings and objects it interacts with.

By continuously monitoring external forces, it ensures that predetermined safety thresholds are never exceeded, safeguarding both humans and the items being handled. Moreover, it dynamically interfaces with the JAKA app, providing real-time display of force values and control settings.

Altogether, this makes the JAKA Zu S cobots perfectly suited for polishing, sanding or grinding complex surfaces, as well as PCB assembly, palletizing and more.

JAKA Zu 3s

Payload 3 kg I Reach 626 mm I See more>>

JAKA Zu 5s

Payload 5 kg I Reach 954 mm I See more>>

JAKA Zu 7s

Payload 7 kg I Reach 819 mm I See more>>

JAKA Zu 12s

Payload 12 kg I Reach 1327 mm I See more>>

JAKA Zu 18s

Payload 18 kg I Reach 1073 mm I See more>>

JAKA Zu s features

Force Sensor

The industrial force sensor, which can be installed at the base or the end of any Zu S series cobot, increases precision. It gives the cobot the ability to accurately perform tasks like palletizing, polishing, or sanding on complex surfaces.

JAKA Zu S Sensor at the End of the Cobot and at the base.
JAKA force control module surface in the JAKA App.

Force Control Module

The force control module, which users can interact with using the JAKA app, shows force values, and creates a full-arm collision detection capability. If any external force exceeds the designated security value, the cobot ceases to apply more force immediately. There are three control modes available: constant force, normal tracking and speed mode.


  • The JAKA cobots have an MTBF of 50,000 hours,  they can be safely left to operate without maintenance.
  • The cobots can be installed at any angle.
  • Safety fences are no longer necessary. JAKA cobots react safely to the touch of human workers, other robots and objects.
  • Drag teaching and visual programming ensures that cobot integration or reconfiguration time is short.
Laptop with opened JAKA App on a desk, which is in front of JAKA Cobots.

Recommended applications for JAKA Zu S cobots

The JAKA Zu S series cobots are suitable across a variety of industries: automotive, 3C electronics, medical and more.

They take repetitive tasks away from the hands of humans, from polishing and sanding to assembling and palletizing, thereby ensuring a safer and more efficient work environment.


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What makes JAKA Zu S cobots great for industrial automation

Innovative breakthroughs from drag programming to wireless connection continuously led the trend of robotics development.

Integrated Force Sensor

Every JAKA Zu S cobot comes equipped with an industrial force sensor that can be installed either at the base or the end of the cobot arm.

Force Control

Three control modes: constant force, normal tracking and speed mode enables the cobot to sense the objects and environment it interacts with. Adjusting force control settings through the JAKA App is effortless, providing users with real-time force values.

Graphic Programming

Graphic Programming

Easily program cobots and make adjustments on any graphical device – PC, tablet, or phone – with no prior programming experience necessary.

Drag Teaching

Drag Teaching

After mounting the cobot, simply drag it to the desired positions, and it will memorize and save these sequences of movements.

No Teach Pendant

No Teach Pendant

JAKA App is available on tablets, smartphones and PCs. Teach your cobot easily.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Monitor cobot’s tasks and set alerts with unique security authentication system.

Wireless Connection

Wireless Connection

Say goodbye to tangled wires! Experience a clean and safe workspace with JAKA cobots.

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JAKA collaborative robots have been effectively utilized in automating production across various industrial sectors, introducing innovation to factories of all scales, establishing a consistent and robust equipment base.


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