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JAKA Pro 16 Collaborative Robot

The JAKA Pro 16 collaborative robot makes heavyweight factory automation easy, with some of the highest protection against the elements available

16 kg


1713 mm

Working radius

±0.03 MM


IP 68

Ingress Protection

About JAKA Pro 16

The JAKA Pro 16, the largest of the Pro series, can handle payloads of up to 16kg, with a working radius of 1713mm.

It’s ideal for cutting metal, grinding, tending machines and tasks that include metal shavings, sawdust, oils or other liquids. It is highly precise, with a repeatability of ±0.03mm.

Its IP68 grade protection ensures that it can operate fully in dusty or wet environments, making it ideal for machining, automotive, agriculture, the food industry and more.

The JAKA Pro series has been designed with tough working conditions in mind. It can operate in environments that range in temperature from -10C to +50C.

The cobot can be installed at any angle – horizontally, on a wall, mounted from above, or otherwise. Its drag teaching functionality allows for immediate, tactile programming.

JAKA Pro 16 Parameters

Why JAKA Pro 16

Innovative breakthroughs from drag programming to wireless connection continuously led the trend of robotics development

Complete Protection

Even in harsh environments, the JAKA Pro 16 is well protected. Its IP68 protection grade ensures that water, dust and oil will not interfere with functionality.

Graphic Programming

Graphic Programming

An APP-enabled user-interface allows anyone, with or without prior programming experience, to easily assign and monitor tasks with the JAKA Pro 16. No teaching pendant necessary.

Drag Teaching

Drag Teaching

Tactile drag teaching allows anyone to move and adjust the JAKA Pro 16’s positions in-person, easily. Right out of the box, the cobot can achieve task automation.

Plug and Play

Five minutes is all it takes to install the JAKA Pro 5. Whether on a horizontal surface or vertical, the cobot can be easily mounted and ready to go.

Remote Monitoring

No matter where the operator is, they can have full control over the cobot arms. Programming tasks, and monitoring them afterwards, can be done via the internet.

Safe Human-cobot Collaboration

Safety fences aren’t necessary around the JAKA Pro 16, thanks to its inbuilt torque-feedback collision detection. When a person comes into contact with the cobot, it will stop, ensuring safety.

Ready to automate your factory?

Let’s discuss your project

Ready to automate your factory?

Let’s discuss your project

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