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JAKA Pro 12 Collaborative Robot

The JAKA Pro 12: designed for the automation of heavyweight, repetitive tasks, and protected against dust, water and special operating temperatures.

12 kg


1327 mm

Working radius

±0.02 mm


IP 68

Ingress Protection

About JAKA Pro 12

In metalwork, the production of auto-parts, 3C electronics, agriculture, and many other industries, robotic arms are expected to have high protection against the elements.

Whether outdoors in the wind and rain, or around frequent oil splashes, the JAKA Pro 12, with IP68 grade protection.

It fits right into environments with temperatures that are challenging for human workers, fully operational from -10C up to 50C.

With a working radius of 1327mm, and a payload of 12kg, it’s expert at metal cutting, grinding, machine tending and other tasks that may involve metal shavings, sawdust, oils or other liquids.

The cobot can be used just as effectively in agricultural automation as in manufacturing.

As every JAKA cobot, JAKA Pro 12 is truly plug-and-play. Five minutes is all it takes to install the JAKA Pro 12. Whether on a horizontal surface or vertical, the cobot can be easily mounted and ready to go.

Upon contact with an unexpected object or force, the JAKA Pro 12 will stop, thanks to torque-feedback collision detection. This ensures that it can operate alongside people; no safety fence required.

JAKA Pro 12 Cobot in front of a white background.

JAKA Pro 12 Parameters

Teaching Options of JAKA Pro 12 Cobot

Graphic Programming

Graphic Programming

With or without prior programming experience, anyone can set up and monitor tasks with the JAKA Pro 12, using an intuitive, user-friendly interface. This ensures maximum flexibility and ease-of-use.

Drag Teaching

Drag Teaching

The JAKA Pro 12 featured user-friendly drag teaching. Simply guide the arm to a desired position, and it will remember it with precision, making factory automation faster and simpler.

Automate your factory in hours with JAKA Pro 12

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Recommended Applications for JAKA Pro 12

From automotive manufacturing to agriculture, production lines to picking and placing, the JAKA Pro 12 ensures precision and durability


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