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JAKA Pro Collaborative Robots

Oil-, dust-, and waterproof cobots designed to solve your manufacturing needs

robotic arms for production lines
Work within -10C to +50C
Work within -10C to +50C
Repeatability ±0.03
Repeatability ±0.03

Integrated In Hours – Benefit For Years

Create Injury-free Factory Create Injury-free Factory

Excessive turnover due to boring routine and dangerous environment? Let JAKA robotic arms handle dull tasks.

Increase Production Efficiency Increase Production Efficiency

Just a few cobots can boost yearly production efficiency from the very first day of their usage. Our customers say production increases up to 30%. Check it out.

Make Your Products Shine on the Market Make Your Products Shine on the Market

With JAKA Pro, the quality of produced items improves instantly. Forget about customer dissatisfaction and product returns.

Reduce Unexpected Downtime Reduce Unexpected Downtime

We know your pain about money loss while equipment was down. Don’t let it happen again. Rely on Pro cobots.

Harsh Industrial Environment? Switch to Cobots

JAKA Pro Cobot exposed to rain.
  • The JAKA Pro cobots have IP68, meaning that they are immune to dust, small particulates and liquids such as water and oil.
  • They are capable of working non-stop for years in environments that would be intolerable for humans, full of metal and wood shavings, dust, wind or rain, in temperatures ranging from -10 up to 50°C (14 to 122°F).
  • The series includes cobots that can handle payloads of 5 up to 16kg, with working radii of up to 1713mm.

Get To Know Pro Cobots Better

JAKA Pro 5

Payload 5 kg I Reach 954 mm I IP68 I See more>>

JAKA Pro 12

Payload 12 kg I Reach 1327 mm I IP68 I See more>>

JAKA Pro 16

Payload 16 kg I Reach 1713 mm I IP68 I See more>>

Compare every cobot series in one place

See all technical parameters of Pro cobots

Keep your production lines running at full capacity

No matter what task you are looking to automate we’ve got you covered. Automate complex tasks with no hassle.

Graphic of a Cobot assembling a car door.
Graphic of a Cobot with a picking tool and a bin on the left side.
Bin picking
Graphic of a Cobot holding a hot beverage in a cup.
Beverage making
Graphic of a paint sprayer.
Graphic of a Cobot on an automated guided vehicle with a gripper tool.
Graphic of a Glue Tube.
Graphic of a Cobot with a gripper tool.
Machine tending
Graphic of a Cobot tool milling a surface.
Milling & cutting
Graphic of a package on an assembly line.
Graphic of a Cobot with a tool to spray paint.
Painting & spraying
Graphic of a palette with two arrows pointing down from above.
Graphic of a Cobot with a gripping tool gripping a package.
Pick and place
Graphic of a polisher.
Polishing & buffing
Graphic of a Screw.
Graphic of a Cobot with a picking tool sorting apples on an assembly line.
Graphic of a human with glasses on and a joystick in each hand.
Graphic of a welding machine.
Welding and soldering
Graphic of a smiling Robot.
And much more

Desired application is not on the list?

Shoot us an email and we will do our best to help you!

Read JAKA User Stories

We are glad to share stories from JAKA users about how they successfully automate production. 

One Cobot – Hundred of possibilities

With such a huge selection of grippers, accessorizes, and end-effectors, cobots can be used for entirely different applications, as and when needed.

Screenshot of all the Partners for end tools, visions and automated guided vehicles.
Someone holds a tablet with the JAKA App opened in front of a JAKA Cobot.

Customize as you need

Customize in minutes

If you are among manufacturers that cannot stop production line, cobots might be a win-win solution. Just drag it as you need, and the cobot is ready to go.

Customize with ease

You and your workers can communicate with cobots as professionals. Unlike industrial robots, cobots are easy to teach by simply dragging them and letting them memorize required positions.

Add your own plug-ins and add-ons

Need to work on very complex task? Add add-ons and plugins in C, C#, C++ or Python, or ask our technical experts to develop some for you!

Cobot Features

For easy teaching

Graphic of someone operating a tablet.
JAKA teaching APP
Graphic of a Hand reaching for something to the right.
Drag teaching
Graphic of two open explorer windows. One is in front of the other.
Free SDK I C, C#, C++, Python
Graphic of a computer screen with add-ons flying out of it.
Add your own add-ons and plug-ins

Cobot upgrades

Graphic of a Force Sensor.
Force sensor to accurately perform task on complex surfaces
Graphic of a Cobot on an automated guided vehicle with a gripper tool.
Minicab to pair with AGV or installation in tight spaces
Graphic of a Camera.
JAKA Lens 2D camera for detailed, enhanced vision
Graphic of a security camera.
Visual protection system to protect co-workers from injuries

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