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JAKA MiniCobo



580 mm


1 kg


About JAKA MiniCobo

JAKA MiniCobo has the characteristics of lightness, compactness, high flexibility, and easy installation.

It uses an integrated intelligent drive module to achieve a lightweight design while having superior performance; in addition, rich secondary development interfaces provide customers with more choices in different scenarios.

JAKA MiniCobo has a small appearance, simple and intuitive operation, low noise, and high-cost performance. It is especially suitable for consumption, service, education and other fields.

JAKA MiniCobo Parameters

The Many Features of JAKA MiniCobo

Innovative breakthroughs from drag programming to wireless connection continuously led the trend of robotics development

Graphic Programming

Graphic Programming

On any graphical device – PC, tablet or phone – easily program cobots and make adjustments, with no prior programming experience necessary.

Drag Teaching

Drag Teaching

Once the cobot is mounted, easily drag it to any position desired, and it will remember, and save it in a sequence of positions and movements.

No Teach Pendant

No Teach Pendant

JAKA APP is available on tablets, smartphones and PCs. Teach your cobot easily.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Monitor cobot’s tasks and set alerts with unique security authentication system.

Wireless Connection

Wireless Connection

No annoying wires attached! Enjoy clean and safe space with JAKA MiniCobo.

Interested in this mini cobot arm?

Shoot us an email and we will do our best to help you!

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