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JAKA All-in-one collaborative robots

Equipped with vision system, JAKA All-in-one cobots can see what the human eye is not able to see. They can identify very small differences, be it position, color, or shape in the key components.

Integrated JAKA Lens 2D

Ensures excellence in inspection, distance measurement or monitoring

MiniCab Controller

For installation in tight spaces or to pair with AGV

Introducing our JAKA All-in-One collaborative robots designed to assist manufacturers in their industrial and factory automations. With payloads ranging from 3 to 18 kg and integrated 2D lens, JAKA All-in-One cobots are ideal for various industries, including 3C electronics, automotive, advanced manufacturing, logistics and more.


Payload 3 kg I Reach 626 mm I See more>>


Payload 5 kg I Reach 954 mm I See more>>


Payload 7 kg I Reach 819 mm I See more>>

JAKA Ai 12

Payload 12 kg I Reach 1327 mm I See more>>

JAKA Ai 18

Payload 18 kg I Reach 1073 mm I See more>>

Key features of JAKA All-in-one cobots

Integrated Vision System

The JAKA All-in-one cobots represent a leap forward in human-robot collaborative work. Along with wireless teach and graphic programming comes visual feedback: a camera-utilizing system that ensures precision and safety, while considerably broadening the range of tasks cobots may be assigned to.

Fixed or mounted at the end of the cobot, the JAKA Lens 2D  features a high-quality lens, together with a specialized light source module providing users with full functionality and a 2D vision experience. 

JAKA Lens 2D on a Cobot.
JAKA Ai Cobot on an automated guided vehicle.


Thanks to MiniCab controller every JAKA All-in-one cobot feels at home mounted on an AGV.

Cobots and AGVs (known as automated guided vehicle) on their own are remarkably useful; without the need for human intervention, AGV-cobot pairings can complete warehousing, and inspection tasks independently.

Size of the MiniCab is: 180x128x47 mm I Weight: approx. 1.1 kg

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Recommended Applications for JAKA All-in-one Cobots

Our cobots have already helped hundreds of manufacturers to automate their repetitive tasks such as machine tending, inspection, testing, palletizing, picking, and many more.

Automate repetitive tasks with JAKA

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What Make JAKA All-in-one Cobots Great for Factory Automation

Factory automation has never been easier, with the help of Jaka All-in-one cobots. Natively integrated vision allow for autonomous adaptation between cobot, human and operating environment. 


Excellent Repeatability

With repeatability of ±0.02mm manufacturers can rest assured that tasks execution will be consistent, and precise, 24/7

Plug and Play

Thanks to light weight and sizes of JAKA All-in-one cobots installation is easy. Mount the cobot at any angle, and it is ready to go immediately.


With an MTBF of 50,000 hours, JAKA All-in-one cobots’ tasks can continue for years without error.

Ease of Use

Thanks to few teaching options available the use of JAKA cobots is easy. And no prior programming experience is necessary.

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Teaching Options of JAKA All-in-one Cobots

Drag Teaching

JAKA All-in-one  cobot’s 6 joints memorize point positions, and may be adjusted through physical dragging. Simply move the cobot to any position, and it will memorize it instantly.

Graphic Programming

The tablet-interface removes the need for a skilled programmer when teaching a cobot a new task. Graphic programming allows for quick, easy adjustments.

Wireless Teaching and Remote Control

JAKA cobots can be taught without bulky teaching pendants and annoying wires attached, saving time and space even in the tightest facilities. All that is needed is JAKA APP. 

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JAKA collaborative robots have been successfully applied to automated production in multiple industrial sectors, providing innovation for industrial sectors with a continuous and powerful equipment foundations.


Equiped with torque-feedback technology to provide better accuracy and safety. See more>>


Each cobot possess IP68 grade protection, making them immune to dust and water. See more>>


Equipped with an industrial force sensor, allowing them to ‘feel’ the objects. See more>>

JAKA MiniCobo

Ideal for B2C businesses purposes. 1 kg payload. Light, elegant and compact. See more>>

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