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JAKA Collaborative Robots

Built to work together with you

With payloads ranging from 3 to 18 kg, a broad span of working radii, and 6-jointed configurations, JAKA cobots have helped hundreds of manufacturers and factories to automate their facilities. Industries from automotive to logistics, electronics to medical manufacturing can benefit from the advanced robotics technologies and natural human-robot interaction.

Explore how manufacturers have already automated their production lines

Meet JAKA Cobots Family

Any manufacturer, big or small, looking to automate their facilities – from warehouses, to factories, or even coffee shops and bars – will find that the JAKA All-in-one, JAKA Zu, JAKA Pro, and JAKA Zu s cobots are ready and waiting with cobot solutions.


Equiped with torque-feedback technology to provide accuracy and safety. See more>>


Equipped with an industrial force sensor, allowing them to ‘feel’ the objects. See more>>

JAKA All-in-one

Integrated with JAKA Lens 2D camera and advanced self-learning algorithm. See more>>


Each cobot possess IP68 grade protection, making them immune to dust and water. See more>>

JAKA MiniCobo

Ideal for B2C businesses automation. 1 kg payload. Light, compact, and elegant. See more>>

Automate repetitive tasks with JAKA

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JAKA Collaborative Robots In Action

Our cobots have already helped hundreds of manufacturers to automate their factories. From welding to palletizing, JAKA cobots accurately perform tasks 24/7.

Discover Applications Our Cobots Handle for 50.000 Hours Non-stop

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What Make JAKA Cobots Great for Industrial Automation

Teaching Options

Teaching Options

JAKA APP and drag teaching remove the need for a skilled programmer when teaching a cobot a new task.

Excellent Repeatability

With repeatability of ±0.02 mm manufacturers can rest assured that tasks execution will be consistent, and precise, 24/7


With an MTBF of 50,000 hours, JAKA cobots’ tasks can continue for over 5 years without error.

Plug and Play

After just a few minutes’ installation, they are ready to go; fully plug-and-play.


The fact that JAKA cobots are so compact and light-weight means that they can easily be installed at any angle.

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