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Collaborative Robots for Medical Devices Production

Consistent, flexible and capable of maintaining sterility, JAKA cobots are perfect for automating the production of medical devices.

JAKA Cobot in action in the production of a medical device.

The production of medical devices often requires advanced processing of small batch sizes. JAKA cobots can be quickly reprogrammed using a graphical interface, to ensure that new batches can be processed without the need for long down times.

  • JAKA collaborative robots are suitable for operating in clean environments, with their high ingress protection ratings ensuring that they don’t contribute to contamination, whether machine tending, injecting, picking and placing, or any other of their myriad applications.
  • Unlike traditional industrial robots, cobots do not need a safety fence, and can be part of lightweight production lines in confined spaces.
JAKA Cobot in action in the production of a medical device.

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JAKA Recommended Cobots For The Medical Devices Industry

Why Use JAKA Cobots in Medical Devices Production

To Ensure a Sterile Environment

Without the guarantee of a sterile environment, the production of medical devices can be ruined. It’s possible to avoid contamination thanks to the cobots’ high ingress protection and careful repeatability, whether packaging, screwing, injecting, picking, machine tending or otherwise.

Ensure Consistent Quality

Medical devices require a high level of attention and precision during production. One mistake could have devastating consequences down the line. With cobots, human error is removed, as they repeat their tasks exactly, and can inspect for defects afterwards.

Increase Flexibility

Not only does it just take minutes to program and reprogram JAKA cobots, they can be assigned multiple tasks per production cycle. They can also be installed anywhere on a conveyor, at any angle, without losing functionality.

Automate Your Production Line With JAKA

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Most Popular Applications for Medical Devices Industry

JAKA Cobot coating a part in the medical devices industry.

Finishing or Removing

Tasks such as coating, painting, deburring, polishing, sanding, grinding and blasting are precisely executed thanks to force control modules and advanced vision systems. See more>>

JAKA Cobot in action in the production of a medical device.

Machine Tending

It’s easy to automate the loading and unloading of CNC, ITC and molding machines, so that it can be performed non-stop. Visual recognition allows cobots to load materials even if they’re supplied in an unstructured pattern.  See more>>


With a repeatability of ±0.02, cobots are ideal for taking over the repetitive task of screw driving, freeing up human workers for less physically taxing work.  See more>>

JAKA Cobot assembling parts in the medical device industry.


Have medical devices packaged carefully, with no risk of contamination. All packaging can be done in a controlled environment. See more>>

JAKA Cobot packaging a part in the medical devices industry.

Other Applications Our Collaborative Robots Can Do

Automate Repetitive Tasks With JAKA

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