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Metal and Machining

The often loud, dangerous and physically demanding tasks of milling, cutting and machine tending are a cinch with JAKA cobots.

JAKA Cobot in action in the machining industry.

Metalwork and machining are, to some people, tasks that elicit pure joy. On an industrial scale, however, they can become physically demanding, dull and repetitive.

The quantity and quality requirements of milling, cutting, welding and more are high, and the possible danger involved with making mistakes is significant. JAKA cobots, happily, are on hand to help. They’re able to safely perform these tasks hour after hour, day after day, with consistency and accuracy.

  • Whether in a small or large manufacturing facility, they can quickly be integrated into production lines, thanks to plug-and-play functionality, drag teach and graphical programming.
  • Capable of handling heavy payloads, and sensitive materials, they’re perfect for lifting heavy parts, machine tending, spraying, polishing, deburring, palletizing, and many more applications.
  • JAKA collaborative robots are perfect for metal and machining industries challenging environments. They possess IP54 –  IP68 grade protection, making them immune to dust and water.
JAKA Cobot in action in the machining industry.

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JAKA Recommended Cobots For The Metal and Machining Industries

Why Use JAKA Cobots in the Metal and Machining Industries

Boost Productivity

JAKA cobots can operate for 50,000 hours non-stop. With a repeatability of ±0.02mm, they can operate 365 days a year without making a mistake or needing downtime, whether machine tending, injection molding, drilling, milling or otherwise.

Improve Quality

JAKA cobots improve quality during and after completing tasks. They can be fitted with force sensors to ensure the consistency of applications, and vision systems that can inspect for defects or product faults.

Keep Employees Safe

Metal and machine work is often dangerous, placing employees in positions of risk. With cobots there is no such problem, workers are free to delegate operations such as cutting or welding, freeing them up to focus on other tasks.

Automate Your Production Line With JAKA

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