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Collaborative Robots for Household Appliances Industry

JAKA Cobots in action in the household appliances industry.

Be it the production of laundry machines, fridges, ovens or microwaves, JAKA cobots are perfect for automating tasks in the household appliances industry.

With payloads ranging from 3 to 18kg, working radii up to 1713mm, and an advanced vision system, they’re able to contribute to assembly, packaging, palletizing, picking, inspection and more.

They can be equipped with a force sensor for sensitive tasks, making sure that pliable materials are kept in mint condition, and finishing touches are consistent.

  • Remote monitoring allows operators to keep track of tasks and potential issues from any location, and wireless programming allows them to make adjustments whenever needed.
  • Unlike traditional industrial robots, no safety fences are required, allowing for true collaboration between humans and robots.
  • Drag teach and visual programming ensure that even those with no prior experience of programming robots can assign tasks within minutes of the cobots being installed.
JAKA Cobots in action in the household appliances industry.

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JAKA Recommended Cobots For The Household Appliances Industry

Why Use JAKA Cobots

Easy to Program

An app with an intuitive graphical interface allows operators to program the cobots with ease. Complimented by drag teach, it’s possible to get to grips with the system and assign tasks in just minutes.

Consistency and Accuracy

Product faults and recalls are the worst nightmare for those in the household appliances industry. Cobots remove a great deal of the risk, by never deviating from their set actions.

Automate Any Task Needed

With numerous end effectors to choose from, JAKA cobots can do anything a human can do, and more. From palletizing to screwing, detection to soft touch work, all can be done by just one cobot arm.

Automate Your Production Line With JAKA

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