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Collaborative Robots for Food & Beverage Industry

JAKA Cobot in action in the food and beverages industry.

Automation in the food and beverage industry has rapidly expanded over recent years. Robotic arms are applied in traditional production facilities, but also often now deployed in customer-facing scenarios too.

JAKA cobots are enabling this process to be expedited, as they provide a safe, precise, hygienic and adaptable means to process, package, sort, palletize, inspect, and even serve food and beverage products.

  • JAKA cobots can handle payloads from 3 to 18kg.
  • They take over repetitive and dangerous jobs, and perform them 24/7. With versatility built in as a core design concept, they can quickly be programmed and reprogrammed to fill gaps in production lines in a matter of minutes.
  • Thanks to new sensor and vision technology, they’re also perfectly safe to operate alongside humans, without the need of a protective barrier.
JAKA Cobot in action in the food and beverages industry.

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JAKA Recommended Cobots For The Food & Beverage Industry

Why Use Cobots in the Food and Beverage Industry

Reduce Contamination Risks

Cobots can be easily cleaned and sterilized, and put out no emissions that would compromise a sterile environment. Their high IP protection ratings ensure that they carry and disperse no unwanted materials between operations.

Speed Up Production Lines

Not only can JAKA cobots perform tasks faster and with more precision than humans, they’re also comfortable operating in harsh environments without the need for breaks. Whether in humid greenhouses, refrigerated areas or hot food production facilities, they remain fully operational.

Quickly Assign and Adjust Tasks

JAKA cobots are easily programmed and re-programmed, thanks to drag teach and a graphical programming interface. There’s no need for prior programming experience, and no need for production lines to stop, in order to re-assign a cobot to a new task.

Automate Your Production Line With JAKA

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See The Most Popular Cobot Applications in Food Industry

JAKA Cobot palletizing and depalletizing in a food and beverages factory.

Palletizing and Depalletizing

With payloads up to 18kg, palletizing is no problem for the JAKA cobots. They do so with great accuracy and speed, ensuring efficient warehousing without mistakes. See more>>

JAKA Cobot is packaging packages that are standing on a desk.


Food and beverage packaging is among the most varied and specific of all industries. Fortunately, cobots can handle customized wrapping, boxing, covering and inspecting with ease. See more>>


Cobots can easily decorate or apply food items, spraying or coating precisely so that there is no wastage. With high IP ratings, they’re not vulnerable to damage by liquids or dust. See more>>

JAKA Cobot coating a part in the food and beverages industry.

Inspection and Sorting

New vision systems give cobots the gift of sight. They can identify shapes, colors, distances and locations, making it possible for them to recognize defects or deviations from specifications quickly. See more>>

JAKA Cobot inspecting and sorting in the food and beverages industry.

Other Applications Our Collaborative Robots Can Do

Automate Repetitive Tasks With JAKA

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