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Collaborative Robots For Chemical Industry

JAKA Cobot in action in the chemical industry.

JAKA collaborative robots are perfect for automating a whole range of tasks in the chemical industry. Whether it’s the production of pharmaceuticals, chemical fibers or otherwise, they are capable of mixing, dosing, filling, and performing quality control.

Completely sterile, with a repeatability of ±0.02mm, and capable of soft touch, they’re ideal for handling and assembly with the small, delicate parts often found in prosthetics, implants or medical devices.

  • For these critical applications, JAKA cobots can eliminate human error and remove the possibility of contamination. Thanks to IP ratings ranging from 54 to 68, JAKA cobots can be used in labs and factories without fear of damage from dust, water, or other liquids and small particulate matter.
  • All JAKA cobots have in-built torque feedback collision detection, meaning that no safety fences are needed, employees and cobots can work side by side. Flexible mounting options and a compact size allow them to be installed virtually anywhere on a production line.
JAKA Cobot in action in the chemical industry.

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JAKA Recommended Cobots For The Chemical Industry

Why Use JAKA Cobots in the Chemical Industry

For Operations in Dangerous Areas

The chemical industry, by its nature, often requires working with materials that are hazardous or toxic to humans. Cobots can mitigate against personal injury, capable of inspection, mixing, dosing, filling, packaging and more without fear of damage.

Improved Precision

With cobots, accurate results are produced consistently over years of operation. Their high level of precision reduces the chance of product defect or failure, limiting the chances of product recall.

Short Payback Period

JAKA cobots buck the trend of automation innovations, in that while they progress functionality significantly, they do not do so at a high cost. With payback periods tending to last only around a year, they rival other industrial robots when it comes to financial investment.

Automate Your Production Line With JAKA

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See The Most Popular Applications for the Chemical Industry

Two JAKA Cobots palletizing in a chemical factory.


One of the most frequently chosen applications for JAKA cobots is palletizing. They can be set up in one, two or three-pallet configurations, and easily programmed and reprogrammed to meet dynamic palletizing needs. See more>>

JAKA Cobot is packaging packages that are standing on a desk.


While packaging is repetitive, it often requires a high degree of customization, from product to product. Cobots are not only able to meet the needs of repetition, but can also be quickly fine-tuned to customized packaging processes. See more>>


Whether coating, spraying or painting, cobots are well-suited for dispensing tasks. They remove the need for humans to handle toxic or hazardous materials, and have precise control over usage, minimizing waste. See more>>

JAKA Cobot coating a Part of the chemical industry.

Finishing Applications

JAKA cobots can be fitted with force sensors, which are combined with force control modules, that allow for consistent polishing, grinding, sanding and more. See more>>

JAKA Cobot in action in the chemical industry.

Other Applications Our Collaborative Robots Can Do

Automate Repetitive Tasks With JAKA

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