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Robots colaborativos para la industria de la automoción

La industria de la automoción automotriz ha estado siempre a la vanguardia de la automatización. Ahora, los cobots JAKA están a la cabeza de la siguiente ola de producción inteligente.

jaka robotics arms for automotive industry

Cuando se trata de optimizar líneas de producción, los robots colaborativos son la mejor opción. Los cobots JAKA son diseñados priorizando flexibilidad y seguridad al punto que son capaces de trabajar junto a las personas como compañeros.

Pueden ser usados en una amplia gama de aplicaciones en la industria de la automoción: desde ensamblaje a soldadura, desde alimentación de máquinas a inspección y pruebas. Pueden aplicar material como pintura, barniz o pegamento. También realizan acabados como pulido y/o lijado.

assembly jaka cobot

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Why Use JAKA Cobots in the Automotive Industry

JAKA Zu 3s I Dispensing on car light

Cobots do not take up much space on a production line, and can be installed anywhere. They’re easily programmed and reprogrammed, capable of moving between lines and tasks on the fly.

Handling of Tasks that Require High Precision

One small mistake in automotive production can have devastating effects. With incredibly a repeatability of ±0.03mm, cobots minimize this risk in all of their applications.

Keep Employees Safe

With torque-feedback collision detection, there is no need for safety fences around JAKA cobots. Employees may work with them side-by-side, with no fear of being injured.

Automate Your Production Line With JAKA

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See The Most Popular Applications for Auto and Auto Parts Production

assembly jaka cobot


With a diverse range of end effectors and virtually no downtime, cobots can screw, glue, seal, insert and more endlessly. They make for precise and efficient assembly. See more>>

inspection jaka cobot

Testing and Quality Inspection

With vision systems, AI and self-learning, cobots can test and inspect with a high degree of accuracy, even detecting defects more efficiently than humans. See more>>


Welding is one of the riskiest tasks for human workers. Cobots are now alleviating this risk, with a high level of precision, and capability to complete spot and arc welding. See more>>

welding jaka cobot


Cobots ensure that there is virtually no waste of materials when spraying, coating or painting repetitively. They allow for truly consistent dispensing. See more>>

gluing jaka cobot

Other Applications Our Collaborative Robots Can Do

Automate Repetitive Tasks With JAKA

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