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Inspection and Testing Collaborative Robots

designed by JAKA Robotics

JAKA Collaborative Robots Features for Inspection and Testing Applications

  • JAKA cobots feature a world-class level of repeatability, at ±0.02mm for inspection
  • Equipped with the JAKA Lens 2D, inspection cobots are capable of inspecting several aspects of any given single part, or multiple positions, with accuracy and precision
  • A certified MTBF of 50,000 hours, ensuring almost no necessary downtime for years
  • JAKA cobots can be installed at any angle for inspection, whether on the floor, the wall, the ceiling, a sloped surface or mounted on an AGV
  • Manufacturers may carry out inspections safely, without the need for humans to avoid the area or erect safety fences, thanks for built-in torque feedback collision detection

JAKA Recommended Cobots for Inspection and Testing


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JAKA Cobot on an automated guided vehicle.

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