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Polishing and Sanding Collaborative Robots

JAKA Collaborative Robots Features for Polishing, Sanding, and Deburring Applications

  • The three force control modes – constant force, normal tracking and speed mode – all help realize full-arm collision detection.
  • The industrial force sensor can be mounted at the base or end of the cobot, as per the specification of the customer.
  • Drag teaching and visual programming are available to teach JAKA cobots faster and easier than traditional teaching pendants, even when working with complex surfaces.

  • Even the large models of JAKA cobots have a repeatability of ±0.02mm, ensuring precise polishing, deburring and sanding

  • JAKA cobots go for years without any error – they have a MTBF of 50,000 hours.

  • JAKA cobots can be installed upside-down, at a right angle, on a flat surface, or anything in between. They lose no functionality, no matter what angle they’re installed at.

  • Humans can work safely side by side with JAKA cobots, and make small adjustments on the fly, thanks to their collision detection. Unlike traditional industrial robots, no safety fences are needed.

JAKA Recommended Cobots for Polishing, Grinding, and Sanding


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