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Pick and Place Collaborative Robots

JAKA Collaborative Robots Features for Pick and Place Application

  • JAKA cobots feature a repeatability of ±0.02mm, meaning that precise picking and placing can be carried out 24/7
  • With an MTBF of 50,000 hours, JAKA cobots’ picking and placing tasks can continue for years without error.
  • JAKA cobots can be fitted at any angle. Installation options are unlimited – horizontal, vertical, upside-down or anything in between. On a ceiling, on a wall, or even on an automatic guided vehicle.

  • Pick and place safely with JAKA cobots. They feature in-built collision detection so that any contact with humans or other objects causes them to stop what they’re doing.

  • Drag teaching and visual programming, integrated with wireless connection, allow for true industry 4.0, fast configuration and reconfiguration. No prior programming experience is necessary.

JAKA Recommended Cobots for Pick and Place

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Pick and place automation for food industry by JAKA cobots

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