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Packaging Collaborative Robots

Factory Packaging Automation with JAKA Robotics

JAKA Collaborative Robots Features for Packaging Application


  • With repeatability of ±0.02mm manufacturers can rest assured that packaging will be consistent, and precise, 24/7
  • The JAKA cobots have a MTBF of 50,000 hours. Cobots could be set a packaging task, then left for years to perform it constantly, unattended, without issue 
  • JAKA cobots have versatile installation options – they can be installed at 90 degrees, 45, vertically or anything in between, without their functionality reducing.
  • JAKA cobots can work alongside humans without safety fences. Their built-in torque feedback module detects and reacts to collisions.
  • Drag teach, and visual programming, together with a wireless connection, ensure speedy configuration.


JAKA Recommended Cobots for Packaging


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