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Collaborative Robots for Gluing and Bonding

JAKA Collaborative Robots Features for Gluing and Bonding Applications

  • With repeatability of ±0.02mm, JAKA cobots have precise control over where glue is placed, and the amount of glue that is used, over time significantly reducing costs.

  • A JAKA cobot has a MTBF of 50,000 hours, meaning it could continue gluing unsupervised for years, theoretically.

  • JAKA Cobots have in-built torque feedback modules, removing the need for safety fences, unlike traditional robots in automated production settings.

  • Configuration of gluing and bonding tasks can be done on-the-fly, thanks to drag teaching and visual programming. No prior experience of programming necessary!

JAKA Recommended Cobots for Gluing and Bonding


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Why Automate Adhesive Routine with JAKA Cobots

JAKA Zu 3s I Dispensing on car light
Excellent Repeatability

Gluing and bonding, on an industrial scale, is reaching new heights of ease, precision and safety. JAKA cobots – which achieve a repeatability of ±0.02mm – are easily programmable when it comes to adhesive applications.


They have the advantage of greatly reducing error susceptibility, and costs, in comparison with manual operations, and relieve the risk of personnel injury. In fact, their level of safety is significant even around humans, thanks to force-limiting technology and in-built torque feedback collision detection modules.


JAKA cobots are designed with space saving in mind, they are much smaller than traditional robotic automation systems, so can be used in tight spaces, such as in adhesive dispensing areas of a production line. They can be installed at any angle – be it horizontal, vertical, or anything in between – and are immediately programmable thanks to drag and visual programming, right out of the box.

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See How JAKA Cobots Have Been Used for Gluing Optimization

JAKA Zu 7s Cobot at a glue dispensing station.

Cobot Applications

Pick and Place , Gluing

Integrated Cobots

JAKA Zu 7s

About the Company

A 3C Electronics world-leading manufacturer based in Huizhou, China, focusing on the design, R&D, production and services of smartphones, tablet PCs, smart wearables, smart homes, AI speakers, digital accessories and more.

Company’s Challenges

The company strived to improve the quality of their manual repetitive tasks that require high accuracy and precise use of bonding materials.

They looked for robotics solutions that could help them automate their glue dispensing station, and chose JAKA collaborative robots that work alongside humans, to help them with their daily routine.


There were 3 JAKA Zu 7s collaborative robots integrated into the glue dispensing station. The choice of the JAKA Zu 7s cobot was due to the integrated force sensor, that measures glue curing, helping manufacturers save expendable materials.

The automation process was simple: cobots first picked items from the set position, then waited for the PLC’s signal to go to the dispenser. Finally, the cobot withdrew items from the glue dispenser and placed them in the production line for further operations.

Final Thoughts

Three JAKA Zu 7s cobots have helped the manufacturer to increase production efficiency, working as six people during the day and night shifts. This let the manufacturer reduce labour costs, and reduce the final price for customers.

JAKA Zu 7s Cobot at a glue dispensing station.

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