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JAKA Robotics

Collaborative robots for industrial automation
jaka cobots

Compact and light, JAKA cobots build with prioritised safety and precision in mind. They have already helped hundreds of manufacturers automate their production lines and boost productivity. From welding to assembly, these flexible robot arms handle their responsibilities 24/7.

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JAKA Collaborative Robots Series

JAKA collaborative robots  have been successfully applied to automated production in multiple industrial sectors, providing innovation for industrial sectors with a continuous and powerful equipment foundations.


Equiped with torque-feedback technology to provide accuracy and safety.


Equipped with an industrial force sensor, allowing them to ‘feel’ the objects.

JAKA All-in-one

Integrated with JAKA Lens 2D camera and advanced self-learning algorithm.


Designed to operate in scenarios with the high protection level requirements.

JAKA MiniCobo

Ideal for B2C businesses automation. 1 kg payload. Light, compact, and elegant.

Automate repetitive tasks with JAKA

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JAKA Collaborative Robots in Action

JAKA collaborative robots can quickly master all manner of applications, from inspection to assembly, palletizing to welding and more.

Applications Our Cobots Perform for 50.000 Hours Non-stop

What Make JAKA Cobots Great for Factory Automation

“Free Your Hands By JAKA” is our mission. Focusing on the spirit of concentration, professionalism and originality, we will spread the spark of wisdom to all corners of the world and facilitatie enterprises entering the era of Industry 4.0.

Graphic Programming

Graphic Programming

The intuitive graphic programming software requires no prior programming experience whatsoever. Anyone can set and adjust positions and tasks with ease.

Drag Teaching

Drag Teaching

Thanks to easy drag teaching and 6 joints providing high manoeuvrability, simply move the cobot to any position, and it will memorize it instantly

No Teach Pendant

No Teach Pendant

JAKA APP is available on tablets, smartphones and PCs. Teach your cobot easily.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Monitor cobot’s tasks and set alerts with unique security authentication system.

Wireless Connection

Wireless Connection

No annoying wires attached! Enjoy clean and safe space with JAKA cobots.

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